January 21, 2011


Ever since Pax was born, I've been taking monthly notes about his current progress, what he's doing, what's too cute, etc.  I've also stored all of his pictures by month.  My plan was to make a one year photo book at one of the various sites available for this.  I've made several photo books before from vacations we've been on.   So I set out to make this one year book about a week ago, (he's 15 months, so I'm not too behind!), but I discovered that these books weren't right for what I wanted to do.  The pre-made layout didn't give me enough freedom to write what I wanted and use as the amount of pictures I wanted.  Sooo...I decided to make my own using photoshop.  I LOVE photoshop and editing!  Everything I know is self-taught, and I am finally going to take a class on photoshop starting in a couple weeks!  I'm really excited to see how much more I can do with formal teaching.  But I am happy with the progress of my book so far.  I just finished month one, and it's eleven pages =O  If this keeps up, it will be one expensive book!  But luckily I just have a ton of pictures for month one, and not every month is like that.  As I am making the book, I am getting so nostalgic (for last year lol), and I am missing those warm, cuddly moments of a newborn that I don't think I appreciated as much at the time.  I was too tired and sleep deprived and post-partum-ish that I don't know if I really savored that first month.  There were just so many things I didn't know - I didn't know he'd only be small for a couple weeks, I didn't know he'd stop that adorable sucking in his sleep, I didn't know he wouldn't want to sleep with me forever...as a first time mama, I just didn't know. I can't imagine not loving every moment of this kid's life though, so maybe I did savor it and it's just lost in the confusion of the crazy first month.


  1. Wonderful Photo`s Becca!
    Your little guy is precious!!

  2. You're doing a great job!! Love the pictures Becca.

  3. HOW CUTE are you!!! I hope I can be so detailed when we have a baby one day :)

  4. yep thats my nephew! adorable and well done keep up the good work. ps i think u should have a girl so she can wear all the girls cute clothes...just a thought lol